When I came to America in 1983, I was ashamed of my country Lebanon classified as a 3rd world country (corrupted politicians) !

I never imagined that I would ever see political corruption in America becoming like a 3rd world country type of politicians !

For me, it's Déjà-vu (I already experienced political corruption in Lebanon and I know exactly how it ends) !

I can't believe it's happening in America... We (the people) must stop it before it's too late !

In my opinion, political corruption is leading America in the wrong direction:


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  • Learn the truth about the American politicians (is America on the right track ?).

  • Learn about political corruption in America and the 2017 major government changes (the TRUMP factor).

  • Learn how to join my mission to restore the American dream idea, the way I know it (this will blow your mind).

2008 was my wake-up call to bad politics in America:

After the 2008 financial disaster, I began my research to learn why and how the American financial system collapsed... I ended-up with so many unanswered questions... I suspected corruption... I decided to dig deeper and learn more about dirty politics...

Finally, I discovered the truth about the American politicians ( Republicans  &  Democrats )...

I was mad and angry with the system:

  • Yes, I was totally disappointed with the American politicians and how they run the government business...
  • If America was my business, most politicians would be looking for new jobs...
  • I was sick and tired of watching the news everyday to see this:

Maurice Jarjoura

I tell everyone, success is a choice and the choice is yours:

Work for yourself (your dreams)


Work for someone else (someone else's dreams)

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In 1983, I escaped the civil-war in Lebanon seeking a higher level of education... Coming to America as a foreign student was tough... At that time, I didn't speak English... But, I had a dream... Today, I have a story to tell you...

My dream in America:

(details later)

I use my story to inspire and motivate individuals on their journey to pursue their dreams... I will share with you my technical knowledge and business experience in different industries... Also, you can learn about our online business network marketing ideas and I will answer any question you may have:

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Hello and welcome to Hanna's Auto online:

My name is Maurice Jarjoura... Hanna is my father's name (an Arabic name), it means John in English.

Since 2008, many banks failed while several other banks were rescued by the government intervention and acquisitions by bigger banks... This massive financial institutions failure caused the US economy to go downhill... With no access to business working capital, many businesses began to downsize (I'm one of them) and many other businesses closed down (out-of-business)...

When the US economy went downhill, millions of people in America became unemployed for the longest period of time, ever:

As you can see, I have so much information to share with you and answer all of your questions !

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Hanna's Auto Care Center

A new generation of education using the internet:

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Automatic Business Control Modules

  • The 3 giants US auto-makers (GM, FORD and CHRYSLER) requested financial assistance from the US government.
  • Also, AIG (American Insurance Group) and the largest mortgage notes holders (Fannie-Mae and Freddie-Mac) were saved by the government.
  • Lehman Brothers, a big financial institution with over $600 billion dollars in assets filed for bankruptcy.

Doing business in America since 2008:

For me, when the American financial system collapsed in 2008, I was totally shocked... Keep in mind, with no access to business working capital (bank loans and credit lines) I wasn't able to move money around, fast enough, to meet my business demands... This caused financial crises in my business... I tell you, I was frustrated and financially stressed out... I began to downsize my operation to save my business (unfortunately, many people lost their jobs) and I struggled to save my investments in different areas:

  1. The money circle in America stopped.
  2. Banks stopped lending.
  3. No more access to business working capital.

In my customers meeting, I will personally help you choose the best option for you to continue.

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Maurice Jarjoura

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  • From auto sales to complete auto repair services (Tune-up, brakes, shocks, struts, steering and suspension, ball joints and control arms, drive axles, water pump, radiator, alternator, starter, AC system, timing belt, head gasket, engine and transmission rebuilding, etc...).
  • Engine computer control system diagnostics (modules and sensors).
  • Wheels, tires, mufflers, catalytic converters, exhaust system and sport accessories.
  • Paint and body shop (car kits, custom modification and OEM - Original Equipment Manufacture replacement parts).
  • Towing service (roadside assistance contractor for major insurance companies and motor clubs).
  • Business development projects (opportunities with hands-on training).
  • Green energy (converting sunlight to electricity, Hydrogen generation for fuel injected gasoline or diesel engines to reduce emission).
  • Finance and investing in real estate foreclosures (single family residential homes and commercial properties).
  • I worked for ERICSSON (telecommunication company) 10+ years while building my business network.

America is the land of opportunities:

Since the year 2000 (the internet revolution), I've made a big investment of time and money to develop a powerful IBIS:

Internet Business Information System

I spent countless of late hours and sleepless nights testing new software tools to improve our business development programs.

Over the years, I've worked with all kinds of people from different cultures, different background experiences, different age groups and I've helped many individuals in different ways... I'm constantly searching for new technology features to be more efficient in the way we deliver our business services and helping other people too.

Finally, after years of experience working with people (one-on-one meetings and small group sessions), I discovered a revolutionary new way of using the internet technology to share with other people my simple formula to success.

In 2006, I made a big investment of $$$ (money) to launch and promote our new generation of education program combined with, a simple VSBE (Virtual Small Business Enterprise) development opportunities...

Before we go in the details, I must tell you this:

In 2008, the American financial system collapsed... It was the beginning of a financial disaster in America:

The 2016 presidential election in America was a destiny election year and many people didn't see the big picture !
I watch the news everyday and I know for a fact, America is divided more than ever before !

I developed this course because, America's future is on the line !

Voting is an opportunity to get-rid-of corruption !

It's the VOICE of the people !

Every vote counts !

  • ​​​​​​Automobile industry (sales and repair services including towing).
  • Education and development programs VSBE (Virtual Small Business Enterprise).
  • ​Finance and real estate investment.

  • Today, if I tell people our success learning vehicle can change people's life, some individuals will laugh (human nature) and some other people will take this opportunity to test-drive it...

Just like a car, you test-drive it before you buy it !

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Why politics 1st ?

"Our success learning vehicle combined with the internet technology can change people's life !"

It's all about technology:

  • ​​​In the 1960's, if you told people cars will have fuel injectors ECM - Engine Control Module, they would've laughed at you !

  • In the 1970's, if you told people the computer will become a household item, they would've laughed at you !

  • In the 1980's, if you told people the internet will create a global business phenomenon, they would've laughed at you !

  • In the 1990's, if you told people social media and E-commerce will be at your fingertips, they would've laughed at you !

  • In 2000, when I began to promote my online business network marketing ideas, many people said I was dreaming !

Now, take a look at the cell phone evolution:

(powerful technology in the palm of your hand)


It may take some individuals 30 days... and some other people 90 days...

maybe 6 months... or 1 full year to see results...

"People are different !"

I hope you are reading this line after regstering your name:

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I will show you how our success learning vehicle can change people's life.

Step-by-step and one subject at a time:

Today (2017 and 8 years later), America has a new leader... President (Donald Trump) is a business person NOT a politician...

I'm very optimistic about the future and I'm on a mssion to restore the American dream idea (the way I know it)...

Join our 2017 development opportunities:

  • Learn how to start a simple VSBE (Virtual Small Business Enterprise)... It runs on auto-pilot and will work for you fast & easy using the power of ABCM technology:

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Hanna's Auto Care Center in Garland

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Automatic Business Control Modules

The American dream idea vanishing away !

Maurice Jarjoura

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